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Keiths: "He knows there's no danger of Forrest accepting his challenge."

Not a callenge to a debate perhaps, but Dembski has just upped the ante:
Mats: Actually, I would like Forrest to have Eric Rothschild there (head ACLU attorney in the Dover case) and an attorney of my choice there as well. Then Eric can do the deposition of me that the other side has been crowing about, and our side can finally implement the Vise Strategy on Forrest. What fun. Letís be sure itís all video taped and made available online. Iím up for it Barbara ó how about you?

If I had a chance to depose Dembski, with him being under oath and unable to evade cross examination, I might jump at the chance. †Especially if it was all taped and made available on line. †

It could be the end of Dembski.

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