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I just posted this to Denyse O'Leary's Post-Darwinist web site.  I'm posting it here just in case it "disappears" at that site.  She goes into more detail on her charge at UD, but I can't post there.

Could you give us some more information on this professional society that is supposedly hassling a member because he's an IDer?  You don't have to identify the person, but what professional society is it and what are they trying to do to him?  Just criticise him?  Or are they threatening his job?

As far as your comparing ID support to criticizing the Virgin Mary in a Catholic church, I think a better simile might be the old joke about two bums trying to get into a pot luck supper at a Catholic church.

The first bum goes in and comes out an hour later, stuffed full of food.  He tells the second bum, "It's easy!  They ask you if you're a Catholic and you just say, 'Yes I am!' and you go right in and eat."

Five minutes later the second bum comes flying out the door.  The first bum asks him what happened.  The second bum says, "They asked me if I was Catholic and I said, 'I sure am!  Why, my father was a priest and my mother was a nun!'  And then they threw me right out!"

Scientific animosity towards ID has nothing to do with ID insulting anything precious to science.  It comes from ID constantly claiming to be scientific while dropping big obvious unmistakeable clues that it's anything but that ticks science off.

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