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:O  I blogged about the pinched schoolmarm behind this little nugget without even connecting it to Denyse! She's behind Christianity.caca? DO'L!

If you read her er... piece carefully, you'll see it's worse than you think:    
What's the difference between the original 400,000 statistic and the updated 26,000 figure? Primarily, it's that the new study uses more recent data. The 400,000 number took data from as long ago as 1948 and didn't adjust for improved medical care.

So you see, obesity isn't dangerous because improved medical science can save you from most of the diseases it causes.  This is ID Logic™

She does have one comment relative to the ID movement in her piece, though:    
It's said that a lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

How true, how true.

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