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Reading some of the papers I linked to above, I came across this paragraph here.  Does this remind anybody of any particular group?

My starting point is a study of jury behavior, reported for the public in a New York Times article by Daniel Goleman. To the surprise of no one with trial experience, it seems that many jurors employ what the researchers described as "faulty reasoning." Specifically:

These jurors decide on a version of events based on a preliminary story they find convincing, often at the time of the opening arguments, which then colors their interpretation of the evidence so much that they seize on whatever fits their verdict and discount the rest. Such jurors tend to make up their minds far earlier than others, and by the time they enter the jury room for deliberation they cannot be budged.

Those mental problems are not restricted to jurors!  The condition is called having an idee fixe.  A multitude of examples of people with Fixed Ideas that lock them into predetermined beliefs and protect them from reality can be found here.

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