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BUZZ FLASH!  Salon Magazine names Richard Dawkins as one of the sexiest men living!

Wonder is sexy. Knowledge is sexy. And embodying both as much as any man in the world today is a man in a tweed jacket riding his bike around the Oxford University campuses, the damp English breeze sweeping a curtain of silver hair from the delicate bones of his face. Yes, those cheekbones, those piercing eyes, that pursed bow of a mouth -- but that brain, oh that brain, oh, god, that brain -- is what makes Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist and the most famous atheist in the world, the sexiest man around.

Others selected (in order listed):

Stephan Colbert
Sacha Baron Cohen
Alton Brown
Neil Patrick Harris
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Sufjan Stevens
Richard Dawkins
James Blake
Bruce Springsteen
Mark Ruffalo
Noah Baumbach
Alan Rickman
Jon Stewart

Not mentioned at all (in any order):
William A. Dembski
Dave Springer
Salvador Cordova

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