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Quote (Zachriel @ Nov. 13 2006,06:56)
To those who comment (or lurk) in support of Intelligent Design on Uncommon Descent. I'm banned for posting off-topic comments off-site instead of either remaining silent in the face of slurs against another commenter, or participating in the distraction.

You really need to look hard at yourselves and decide just what sort of persons you want to be. Many of you realize that the atmosphere  at Uncommon Descent is bitter and polluted, and that dissent is being suppressed. People have to walk on tiptoes for fear of the consequences of their questions or comments.

Some of you I have personally communicated with, and you know what I say is true. For some reason you accept this state-of-affairs. Think hard.

I quit posting there months ago when three successive polite, accurate (and devastating to ID) comments in a row were never posted without so much as an email to me to tell me they were being eaten.

I still lurk, though, just as I still gawp at auto accidents, train wrecks and The Best Minds of ID in Action.  I noticed that in the "Spetner proves he can't handle story problems any better than Dembski" thread that in post #8, DLH thanks you for your previous post.  Of course, your previous post has been removed, in purest ID/UD fashion.

If you still have a copy of what you wrote, can you post it here?  I've been thinking that I might start replying again and post everything deleted here.  If we all did that, it might make a very interesting display.  Perhaps we should open up a new thread, "Deleted by UD" or "Too Hot for Dembski to Handle".

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