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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 31 2006,04:33   

He's a UD refugee yet I'm all in favor of requiring this zero fellow to either post on topic (or at least close, and knock off the bibical riddles and other nonsense) or restrict him to his dedicated thread started by Steve.

Let him be as loony as he wishes in his own thread but require him to behave like a socially appropriate human being in other threads.

It would be different if he were actually bringing something to the table, in the form of question, debate or whatnot, but as it is he is acting like nothing more than an unwelcome fly at the dinner table.

Perhaps there is a bible code forum we could point him to where he could solve the riddles of the mighty jeebus?

Uncommon Descent is a moral cesspool, a festering intellectual ghetto that intoxicates and degrades its inhabitants - Stephen Matheson

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