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I and N are the first and last letters in the bible

To the extent that the bible is written in any particular language, isn't that language Hebrew, which has neither an I nor an N?  Would you agree that the significance of all these moronic bible number coincidences is dependent on a particular english translation of the bible?  Does that mean that non-english speakers are irrelevant to the truths supposedly embedded in these coincidences?  Do we find the same supposedly significant coincidences in other languages, where not just the text of the bible would be different, but where you would generate different numbers from given words, based on different alphabets?  Or are the coincidences different? What if coincidences in other languages contradict the content of the ones you find?  Does that make yours wrong?  What if I post a slew of similar coincidences, based on the same translation that you are using, and they seem to say that you should jump off the roof of a tall building?  Will you do it?  Could you please just do it anyway?

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