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Dembski has teaching chores to be sure.  Take a gander at the Fall 2006 class details:

This is interesting:

Spring 2006

Critical Thinking and the Art of Argumentation (SBTS #28970)

<> As indicated in class and in the previous note, the final is to be a 2000-word critical review of Richard Dawkins’s 2-part series “The Root of All Evil?” (For examples of critical reviews see the previous note below.) The word limit is absolute. The exam is open-book in the sense that you can use any books in the course as well as any other materials that you find useful. There is one exception, however, which is that I don’t want you looking at other reviews of this series (on the internet or elsewhere) or talking to fellow classmates about the exam. You can spend as much time working on this review as you like. But it is due by midnight Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 as an email attachment sent to me at the following email address: wdembski AT designinference DOT com (my SBTS email account has in the past proven unreliable for such assignments). If you need to view the series again and don’t have it readily available, Jiri Prochazka is on campus and will be able to assist you (his email address is: chrochy AT hotmail DOT com).

To the best of my knowledge, no legal copies of this series are available in the United States.  I checked Amazon and they don't have it, nor does Amazon UK, nor does BBCAmerica shop.  That makes me wonder where Jiri Prochazka got his or her copy.  Could it be (gasp) an illegal bootleg copy?(/gasp)

This also makes me wonder how many illegal pirates attend that seminary: "If you need to view the series again and don’t have it readily available..." sort of implies that many of the students do have copies readily at hand.  However, the idea of writing a two thousand word review of something you've apparently only seen once fits right in with that type of "educational" institution.

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