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Freelurker, do you have any insight into why many IDers are engineers?

I think that Lenny got it right in this post to PT:

Posted by 'Rev Dr' Lenny Flank on June 17, 2006 08:49 AM (e)

Why do so many engineers fall all gaga over ID “theory”? Because, I think, each of us tends to picture god in our own image. If cows had a god, it’d be a Super Cow. If ayatollahs (or ayatollah-wanna-be’s, like the fundies) have a god, it’s a Super Ayatollah. And if design engineers have a god, it’s a Super Design Engineer.

Plus, most of us enginners (including myself) simply have a lot of exposure to invented order and not much (yet) to emergent order.

Invoking intelligent design in science is like invoking gremlins in engineering. [after Mark Isaak.]
All models are wrong, some models are useful. - George E. P. Box

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