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Quote (Aardvark @ Oct. 11 2006,20:35)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 11 2006,14:49)

I love it so!

Whack that mole!


Aardvark, you steal a phrase from here, you magnificent bastard, this is pure gold!

I can't figure out if JAD is mental or what.  But check this out.  

JAD starts out

There is no evidence for the existence of one or more Gods, but that they once existed seems undeniable. It is impossible to understand any aspect of life as a manifestation of undirected processes. Everything we know with certainty demands one or more original creators with an intelligence far beyond our present powers to comprehend. I am convinced that evolution is no longer in progress and like ontogeny has proven to be a self-limiting phenomenon. I have recently summarized my thesis in the form of "A Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis," Rivista di Biologia 98: 155-166. 2005. That paper and several of my earlier papers are available on the side board at and several other internet forums.

I look forward to a defence of my thesis here or anywhere else where I can present my convictions for civil discussion.

And the moment the other forumites there (who took the time to read his paper) start engaging him with very civil questions, mostly "show us your evidence for these claims"  and "you are mistaken in your understanding of how evolution works and here's why"  JAD retreats to his typical

No one has raised a single point. They have only denigrated me and my sources, some of the finest biologists of the past. This is all very revealing which is why I dropped in. I am afraid that you will have to do what other ideologically dominated blogs have found necessary. Ban me, because I have no intention of abandoning any opportunity I am offered to present my thesis. Being banned is the best evidence imaginable that I have, in the parlance of the military, "reached out and touched someone."

Your bullying tactics bore me to tears. Do what you have to do, what you were "prescribed" to do.

He presented his thesis, they pointed out a glaring lack of evidence for his conclusions and gave him an opportunity to provide that evidence (he did not) and they also gave him reasons why his assumptions about evolution are wrong, in a very civil manner i might add.  And JAD goes into victim mode.

Again, read the whole thread.  It's priceless.  That thread belongs on a JAD's Greatest Hits volume.

Uncommon Descent is a moral cesspool, a festering intellectual ghetto that intoxicates and degrades its inhabitants - Stephen Matheson

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