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Occam's Toothbrush

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The account that I heard over the weekend about a person being clinically diagnosed with fullblown AIDS and then being medically declared free from AIDS following intercessory prayer must be one of those “delusions” us Christians are so prone to. I wonder if the attending Dr was delusional as well?

So god's plan was to give that individual HIV through whatever mechanism (poof?) and let them die a horrible, painful, protracted death from AIDS, unless that person got some "intercessory prayer" treatment, in which case god would poof it all away like a bad dream.

This god needs to find a constructive hobby, like burning ants with a magnifying class or tying firecrackers to puppies' tails.

"Molecular stuff seems to me not to be biology as much as it is a more atomic element of life" --Creo nut Robert Byers
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