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Here's some deletion bait.  If this post stays up, then UD has really turned a corner.

From the "Who said Darwinists weren't a barrel of laughts?" thread:  

4. (Off Topic)
I’d like to compliment the folks at Uncommon Descent for adopting a friendlier moderation policy lately. It has made the threads much livelier (and longer), with a lot of interesting give-and-take between ID supporters and dissenters.
Unfortunately, this new, more open attitude does not appear to be shared by all of the contributors at UD. One of them has resorted to changing the comments posted by others.
I recently responded to a post of BarryA’s, in which he claimed:
A couple of days ago I said that some scientists’ metaphysical commitments make them blind to data that disconfirms their theory. My comment was met with howls of indignation by commentators who insisted that “science” is pristine, self-correcting and ideology-free. Nonsense.
My response:
Who are the commenters who “insisted that ’science’ is pristine, self-correcting and ideology-free”? I reread both “Illusion of Knowledge” threads and found nobody making (much less “howling”) such a statement.
Science is neither pristine nor ideology-free. It is self-correcting, however, and that is its genius.
After Barry had responded to others on the thread without answering my question, I posted the following:
Should I take your silence as an indication that you have no answer to the question I posed in comment #1?
Russ, Tina,
We can wish that all scientists were perfect humans, impervious to prejudice and perfectly open-minded, but this is no more likely than a world full of perfect teachers, perfect politicians, perfect religious leaders, and perfect used-car salesmen…
When I checked the thread later, the question to Barry had been removed, with only the portion of the comment addressed to Russ and Tina remaining:
In protest, I posted the following:
To BarryA or whoever has been editing and deleting my comments on this thread:
If you are not prepared to defend your posts, and if you feel the need to edit or delete comments which ask you to back up your claims, then why post at all? As a blog, Uncommon Descent is ostensibly about dialog, isn’t it?
My comment was deleted.
This is particularly ironic, given that earlier today Barry was advising his readers to
“have the courage to address your opponents’ real position, not a caricature of it.” This is precisely why I was criticizing him, yet he refused to acknowledge or answer my criticism.
It’s even more ironic that Barry should need to be protected from my question, given his aggressiveness in demanding answers from those whom he questions. Witness Barry’s treatment of Leo1787:
My prediction: Leo will ignore these two questions altogether or he will try to dodge them.
Since he asked to hear from others who read this blog, presumably Leo came back to check if anyone had responded. It has now been over two hours since I posted my response. This means Leo has almost certainly seen the questions I asked, and my prediction was right on. He chose to ignore the questions. He knows a no win situation when he sees one.
Are there any materialists out there braver than Leo who want to take a shot at a response?
Uncommon Descent would be better served if Barry, like those he pursues, was expected to back up his positions and respond to questions.
Comment by Karl Pfluger — September 12, 2006 @ 10:08 pm

I might add that I'm still waiting for the Church Lady to tell us which evolutionists know exactly how life started on earth.  I'm not holding my breath on that one, either.

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