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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 11 2006,13:13   

Wow, are Dembski's commenters competing for a tard of the year award?! Check this out:

Specifically this comment:

"Of course, evo would have those who commit crimes to lose their life and therefore their genes. So, the inclination to commit crime would disappear, except of course for smart or attentive criminals who get away with it. So, naturally we would expect that only highly intelligent humans to have a tendency for crime the genes would be correlated. Oh, what is that you say, most criminals are clearly not so bright? The correlation appears to be lacking? Hmmmm.

Oh, yes, and of course evo would expect that the genes of those who turn to a life of crime in old age would also continue on, since they have already reproduced. So, most criminals probably start when they get past their reproductive age. What is that you say, most crimes are committed by the young, those who are in their prime reproduction age? There must be some mistake! Ah, but nothing that will slow down the NDE theory-generators we can be sure."

Just when you thought you'd seen the most pig dribblingly stupid and ignorant comment at UD someone comes along to surpass it. If God exists he must be a comedian to create this kind of entertainment.

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