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(Permalink) Posted: July 28 2006,01:40   

You know, I think that Denyse just might turn out to be an adequate replacement for DaveTard after all:

From "Ernst Mayr at the millennium: A study in misplaced triumphalism":

Darwinian evolutionist Ernst Mayr wrote in Scientific American in 2000:

“Let me now try to summarize my major findings. No educated person any longer questions the validity of the so-called theory of evolution,...

Denyse: "Note how Mayr has smeared the “so-called theory of evolution” (why “so-called”?) ..."

Well, Denyse, perhaps the last half of Mayr's sentence, which you quoted, might explain that:  

"...which we now know to be a simple fact."

Since you went to the trouble to quote the whole sentence, perhaps you should also have read it.

This does help answer the question she asks in another thread: "What is a “pseudo-journalist?”

Denyse, real journalists are expected to expend some effort towards making what they write accurate and this means, among many other things, actually reading what they are quoting.  Try doing that for a while.  It would be a good first step towards becoming an actual journalist instead of a pseudo journalist.

But I gotta warn you, from what I've read of your work so far, it's going to be a very long journey!

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