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Quote (stevestory @ July 20 2006,15:39)
Re Mr. Christopher's comment:

I had a religious friend a few years back who knew a man we'll call Tom. Tom had been in the market for a house for months, and had viewed several, but didn't decide on any of them. When my friend asked Tom why, Tom said that he didn't feel like they were exactly right and he wanted to make sure "I got the house god wants me to have".

Yet another example of the mysterious ways god moves.  From college funds to picking the perfect home, god seems to have nother better to do than improve the lives of mostly white, middle class people.  

A story of my own - briefly in my early life I was a car salesman.  One day I was showing a Subaru to a couple who remarked after we had done a test drive and such that they needed to go home and pray to god to make sure buying the Subaru was god's will.  I thought quickly and suggested the three of us instead pray together right then.  I lead them in prayer right there in my cube and afterwards suggested they lease it instead of buy.  They felt that was god's will and leased the car.  

Yet another example of how god goes out of his way to improve the lives of mostly white, middle class americans.  What a fantastic world we'd live in If ethnic groups, non-Americans and those who live in poverty could stimulate that level of personal interest on god's part.


Uncommon Descent is a moral cesspool, a festering intellectual ghetto that intoxicates and degrades its inhabitants - Stephen Matheson

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