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SalTard digs himself in deeper!  In Reply #6:

[SalTard:] What is not mentioned is even when I correct the flaw of turning off the mutations, but instead turn them on, we only slow down the bizarre behavior of the simulation, we don’t stop it.

[Evan Dorn:] Put simply, the population was dead. What Mr. Cordoba observed was slow, random activity of non- replicating random strings.

[ST:] What this is showing is Avida can ressurect the dead, and this is being glossed over with techno babble.

No Sal, what this is showing is that when someone who doesn't understand Byte One about Avida blasts his critters with so many mutations that they die instantly, Avida gets almost as confused as you are.  None of your organisms were resurrected, they are all dead and you are now christened SalTard.

We eagerly await part 2 of your daring expose of your lack of understanding of the things you criticise.  Carry on.

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