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Ah, the fun has already begun.  By 3:10 am, zapatero had already posted the same excerpts from Evan Dorn that I posted above.  Evidently jealous of Salvador's ability to entertain us here, DaveTard jumps in with this comment at the bottom of his post:

"Correct me if I’m wrong here but wasn’t Avida and all the software & hardware it runs on the result of intelligent agency?

Avida doesn’t even pass the giggle test for showing that things can evolve without intelligent agency. I really wish you’d spare us all. If I want this type of entertainment I’ll go read the reports from the tobacco industry proving cigarette smoking is non-addictive and not bad for your health or the Pork Producers report that shows eating bacon prevents male pattern baldness!  -ds

dt, you're right!  Avida IS the result of intelligent agency.  It's a man-made model that simulates some aspects of the real world.  It takes quite a bit of intelligence to do that.  The real question to ask of a man-made model of evolution is whether it simulates evolution accurately and Avida does.  It's 'mutations' are random with regard to fitness and the fitness of the mutated 'organism' determines it's reproductive success.  That's what we want in a model of Darwinian evolution.

Thank's for your comment, we're all entertained by your insight.  Now why don't you relax and have a cigarette and some bacon while you wait for the next opportunity to show us the depth of your understanding?  And please continue to put your comments in BOLD.

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