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I love Uncommon Dissent!  GilDodgen strikes again:
The Missing Link in Bird Evolution Has Been Found!
I’m suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance.,2933,199695,00.html

Those of us with room-temperature IQs* are perpetually assured that there is overwhelming evidence for Darwinian gradualism in the fossil record. So, after reading the news release linked above, I asked myself, “Self, why is this big news?”

I guess I just don’t get it. Why has the missing link in bird evolution just been found, when I have been assured for years that there is overwhelming evidence in the fossil record that the enigma of bird evolution was already solved?

From the article he links to:
"Most of the ancestors of birds from the age of dinosaurs are members of groups that died out and left no modern descendants. But Gansus led to modern birds, so it's a link between primitive birds and those we see today," Lamanna, a co-leader of the research team, said in a telephone interview.

Sigh. I’m apparently too stupid to understand Darwinian logic.

Filed under: Intelligent Design — GilDodgen @ 10:23 pm

* Room temperature ~ 70 degrees F.  That seems about right.
Filed under: Never read your sources, just bloviate.

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