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The Arc of Conway

The ID arc of John Simon Conway, as reveiled in the pages of Uncommon Dissent

Poor John Simon Conway, how fast he rose in the ID firmament and now how far and how fast he has fallen from ID glory.  You can see his ID career climb ever higher in the pages of Uncommon Dissent and then, at the height of his ID greatness, the same blog documents his swift and terrible plunge to the status of a "Cultured Theological Despiser".  One crosses WAD at his own peril.

First, the climb to ID greatness:
April 22, 2005
Listed as a member of the Cambridge Templeton Foundation, helping to evaluate research proposals on Biological Complexity for the Templeton Foundation

May 15, 2005
"The renowned biologist Simon Conway Morris has found many such examples in nature and proposed that it’s “near inevitable” that species converge toward an intelligent “solution” to life."

May 18, 2005
Speaker to Templeton Foundation Journalistic fellows.

June 23, 2005
Talks about a "gaffe" in Simon Conway Morris's book, Life's Solution, in which an exponent and base are reversed.  [Isn't this actually called a misprint?]

July 2, 2005
The Privileged Planet has received an endorsement from Simon Conway Morris

Sept 7, 2005
"The Naked Emperor: Darwinism Exposed" is "the first British book-length critique of Darwinism".  It's "preface is explicitly Christian [and] Simon Conway Morris went through the whole manuscript"
Also, chapter 13 is "Based on Life's Solution by Simon Conway Morris"

Sept 28, 2005
"… On matters scientific, Dr. Dawkins, who came from Oxford, and Dr. Conway Morris, a Cambridge man, agreed: The richness of the biosphere, humanity included, could be explained through natural selection. [I’ve corresponded with Conway Morris; he regards natural selection as an engine that powers evolution but not as what gives it direction. –WmAD] "
"For Dr. Conway Morris, a Christian, nature’s “uncanny ability” to converge on moral, loving creatures like ourselves testified that evolution itself was the handiwork of God…."

Dec 10, 2005
"Simon Conway Morris is scheduled to do the 2006-07 Gifford Lectures on the topic “What organic evolution tells us about our place in the universe, not least in terms of religious perspectives and natural theology “"

Mar 8, 2006
"Simon Conway Morris, noted Cambridge paleontologist, has similarly noted that evolution is constrained rather than open ended like the Darwinian process."

And then Conway Morris is cast down from ID heaven:
April 8, 2006
"Simon Conway Morris, a biologist at Cambridge and an adviser to the Templeton Foundation, ridiculed intelligent design as nonsense that no respectable biologist could accept."

June 10, 2006
"ID’s Cultured Theological Despisers — Simon Conway Morris’s Boyle Lecture 2005"
"Conway Morris’s remark is another of the slapdash pseudo-theological criticisms of ID"

And from that day on, no matter how he wailed and gnashed his teeth, Simon Conway Morris never again sat at the right hand of the Apostle Dembski.  How the mighty have fallen!

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