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Quote (Tiax @ June 09 2006,15:27)
You'd think that the big ruckus that went on in Dover about the Pandas text with subtle name changes from creationism to ID would teach Dembski not to openly discuss these things.  Of course, maybe he still believes ID won't need another name change in a few years.

Luckily no one on UD, even Dembski, is too bright. Just look at the way they keep letting slip what their agenda is (rants about atheists, the first amendment being the only thing stopping ID from replacing evolution) despite doth protesting too much that it's not religion. If they ever wised up, we might have a problem.

Fundamentalism in a nutshell:
"There are a lot of things I have concluded to be wrong, without studying them in-depth. Evolution is one of them. The fact that I don't know that much about it does not bother me in the least."

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