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I make my own assessment of liberals based on the policies they promote and their methodologies for implementing those policies. I have yet to meet an advocate of (modern) liberalism in government who didn't let it be known that while, perhaps, he was not the one to tell me how best to live my life, the bureaucrats in the agency he was endorsing should do so.

Of course, we all know it is liberals who tell us how to live our lives.  Obviously, liberals tell us we must not have sex with someone of the same gender as we are.  Liberals tell us we shouldn't enter into legally-binding life-long relationships with someone of our own gender.  Liberals tell us we shouldn't consume recreational drugs.  Liberals suggest that Christians in our country are #1 and that Christian non-profits should be paid to help the poor while trying their best to convert them to Christianity.  Liberals insist that Texas should have the right to send gay men who have sex in their own home to prison for lengthy periods of time.

Yes, liberals are those who want government to control our lives.

Not conservatives.

Fortunately, I don't own an irony meter, so mine's not broken.

But I do own an honesty meter, and, Spike dear, you've busted it to bits.

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