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Dembski says: Too bad that Freeman Dyson agrees with me and not with them.

This is utterly false. Nowhere in the referenced paper does Dyson say that zero-energy waves can impart information.

And nowhere in my quote do I say that zero-energy waves impart information — I say that they do in the limit. Let me suggest you read the appropriate chapters in Michael Spivak’s calculus book on limits. In the meantime, you’re out of here. –WmAD

Comment by secondclass — June 7, 2006 @ 5:08 pm

And what the heck does the limit have to do with anything?  YOU said that zero energy infinite wavelength waves can impart information TODAY AND IN THE PAST.  That's how your Designer interacts with this universe to make it what it is today, remember? 

Dyson says that IN THE FAR, FAR FUTURE, when the universe is almost completely run down, there will be less and less available energy, but that life and intelligence can still survive by operating on less and less energy, which they can do by running slower and slower.

This has NOTHING to do with imparting information into the universe TODAY and IN THE PAST!

Dyson doesn't agree with Dembski because Dyson can recognize a faker a mile off.  

Dembski challanged us to email Dyson and see for ourselves.  Well, I invite Dembski to email Dyson, quote him your claims and invite him to say if he agrees with Dembski or not.  But Dembski's not dumb enough to set himself up for that kind of humiliation.

Anybody know Freeman Dyson's email address?

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