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But let’s take a closer look. If I understand things here correctly, what Shostak is calling a “simple” tone is as far away from being simple as something can get. In fact, it should be considered a highly complex structure. If I’m not mistaken, a ’simple’ sinusoidal wave can be constructed through the constructive interference of a number of electromagnatic waves differing in wavelength and amplitudes. The fact that ’sinusoidal’ waves don’t exist in nature is very likely due to all the ‘noise’ that exists in nature, ‘noise’ that simply never sums up in the proper way so as to form a ’sinusoidal’ wave. Now the EXPLANATION for there not being a ’simple sinusoidal’ wave found in the microwave band is that the only ‘noise’ that nature produces in that part of the electromagnetic spectrum is that coming from hydrogen gas. Thus, hydrogen has nothing to interfere with; and, hence, constructive interference in this region is therefore ruled out. Thus, the appearance of a ’sinusodal’ wave is, instead of being SIMPLE, is, in fact, too COMPLEX a structure to be created by ‘nature’ in that part of the EM spectrum; and the INFERENCE would then be that it had to have been PURPOSIVELY produced: hence, ‘intelligence.’ Sounds a lot like ID, doesn’t it?

One constructs a simple sinusoid with many complex sinusoids?

Perhaps he is thinking of an EM pulse?

djmullen: PaV does NOT "understand things here correctly".  Or, in other words, he's a typical ID "thinker".

Any COMPLEX repeating waveform can be constructed by adding PURE SIMPLE SINE WAVES of the correct frequency, phase and amplitude.  Google "fourier" and "fourier analysis", PaV.

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