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(Permalink) Posted: April 08 2006,17:24   

Oh my god, the fun just keeps coming!  Here's DaveScot's latest post:

April 8, 2006
Mike Gene at Telic Thoughts Wusses Out

Mike Gene at Telic Thoughts, without having seen a transcript of the Lamar speech where the recording devices were ordered off (the published transcript is only the last 5 minutes of a 45 minute speech), decides that Forest Mims is a liar man of terrible misjudgement and misunderstanding. Mike Gene, who has surely read the student review saying Pianka PREACHES that 90% of the population SHOULD be wiped out by airborne ebola, a student review of Piankaís class that echoes what Mims heard in the Lamar speech, must also think this student is a liar person of terrible misjudgement and misunderstanding too.

Iím very disappointed in Mike Gene, whoever he is. No wonder Mike Gene refuses to identify himself. Wusses are like that. Get a clue, Mike. Pianka hates humanity and thinks itís no better or more deserving of life than bacteria or bison. Itís okay for you to say it, Mike. Youíre anonymous. The least you can do is be brave enough to call a spade a spade from behind your mask of anonymity.
Filed under: Intelligent Design ó DaveScot @ 9:09 pm

Believe me, Dave, I'm very disappointed in Mike Gene too.

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