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Benny H

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(Permalink) Posted: May 29 2008,12:52   

Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ May 29 2008,11:44)
No doubt Sal knows full well you are banned and cannot respond.

I've heard, er, several stories now, er, about people who are not banned as such at UD but who's posts simply stop appearing.

I guess teh bannaition thread here is getting to them.

I tried commenting for a short while over at UD. Mostly I defended naturalism as the foundation of science because naturalism works. The first comment never appeared but the next three or four showed up right away. Then, without explanation, my next several comments showed up about a day after I sent them and then stopped showing up at all. I donít care enough about commenting at UD to continue sending comments I know are probably not going to make it through moderation so itís effectively the same as being banned. This is just a sleazy way for UD to ban people while denying that theyíre banning people.

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