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Quote (sparc @ May 22 2008,22:48)
Apparently, due to Cue's lack of humor UD lost another commenter:        

William Dembski
7:55 pm

Cue: Im not following this thread too closely, but to say that methodological naturalism is an essential ingredient of the scientific method betrays a gross ignorance of the history and philosophy of science. Indeed, its not even fair to say that there is one scientific method. Percy Bridgman put it this way: the scientific method, insofar as it is a method, is doing ones damndest with ones mind, no holds barred. In any case, youre out of here.

Dr. Dr. has banned someone for being correct.

Steven D. Schafersman contends methodological naturalism is "the adoption or assumption of philosophical naturalism within scientific method with or without fully accepting or believing it science is not metaphysical and does not depend on the ultimate truth of any metaphysics for its success (although science does have metaphysical implications), but methodological naturalism must be adopted as a strategy or working hypothesis for science to succeed. We may therefore be agnostic about the ultimate truth of naturalism, but must nevertheless adopt it and investigate nature as if nature is all that there is." [10]

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