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(Permalink) Posted: April 18 2008,18:33   

I really should stop reading the long threads at UD. Either of two things is bound to happen. 1. Kairosfocus joins in, or 2. The real sick scum ooze out of the woodwork.

I long ago stopped reading threads with KF in due to the fact that they dont make any sense, but for some reason I still read the occasional long KF free thread. One example just now was the Darwin and Nazis thread. What a disgrace to humanity. Hats off to Allan McNeill for lasting as long as he did; Im sure I couldnt have remained so civil in the face of all the ignorant hatred, bigotry and sneering self rightousness displayed by the mouth breathers over there.

As Ive asked before: do these people really think they are going to overturn the scientific consensus? WTF?

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