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Quote (Louis @ April 07 2008,09:22)
Herein lies another crux of the IDC matter. Not only do IDCists claim (their) ignorance and lack of understanding is/should be equivalent to (scientists) knowledge and understanding they also love to play silly postmodernist games with "discrimination".

They seem to miss the point about freedom of speech, yes speech is free and I support and would die for their and my right to say and think as we all will, but, and this is a key but, there is no right to action free from consequence.

If I jump off the top of a high building, in the absence of special equipment I will fall in a direction generally accepted as downwards. Possibly to the detriment of my health.

If I am utterly useless at the 100 metres sprint, then I don't expect to get picked for the national Olympic sprint team.

If I fail all my exams, demonstrate no ability as a scientist, publish no papers, and behave like a total arse, then I don't expect a Nobel prize and a personal chair for my efforts.

If I make pronouncements directly at odds with the evidence, make claims I claim to be scientific and provide no support for them, quote mine and lie about other scientist's opinions, refuse to perform even the basic requirements of my job, then I am simply not going to be feted as the Isaac Newton of the 21st century.

Sorry IDCists but just because you're stupid and your ideas are not even good enough to be wrong, it doesn't follow that you are being discriminated against.


IDists don't seem to notice that all they really desire is affirmative action for shitty ideas.

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