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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 22 2008,06:21   

Quote (sparc @ Mar. 21 2008,23:56)
After saying only    
"Hello World!"
for more than 9 months the Biologic Institute finally published managed to get a post published:  
Comments on F-type ATPase

There is no junk here.  The ATPase is made not of four amino acids but four thousand—more like an essay than a paragraph (much less a word).  Could it have started out much smaller?  Not much, in view of the two sections that have to be coupled for it to work.  Like an essay, it might withstand trimming in some places, and some of the parts might be reworded if we knew the rules of composition for proteins.  Typos can be tolerated to an extent, as with essays.  But none of this explains how random single-letter changes can produce new essays, whether from scratch or from existing essays on other subjects.  According to intuition, there’s only one way to get an essay.
Quite disappointing considering that this is supposed to be the blog of the ID research lab.

EDIT: Seemingly, comments are not welcome.

Pity, 'cos I have a comment.

AIG have been pushing this exact same argument, using the F-type ATP synthase, since at least 2005. I thought ID was supposed to be different from creationism?

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