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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Mar. 20 2008,11:04)
The designer has been found!
Text is from Slashdot. So, ID fans, does this mean the designer is ET? If not, who designed those "impossible to form on their own" organic molecules?

A bit OT, but the headline on that story really bugs me. Seeing the spectra of an exo-planet is very exciting, and bodes well for being able to detect life, but calling methane the "Molecular Basis of Life" is very misleading. Yeah, carbon compounds are "the basis of life", and methane might have played an important role in the early earth, but this particular discovery almost certainly has nothing to do with life. We know carbon is on of the common elements in the universe, and expect to find it just about everywhere.

Now when we see the spectra of high concentrations of O2 in an exoplanet atmosphere, that will give the IDiots something to chew on.

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