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Quote (Guest @ Feb. 28 2008,02:15)
Well, sort of. The good Christians in the tradition of Cotton Matther or Jonathan Edwards who formed the backbone of the country were led astray by the fake Christian "founding fathers" who wrote the blasphemous restriction on religious tests for holding public office thus surrendering the dominion over the earth to which Christians, as the Children of God, are entitled to. This is what enabled Children of Satan such as Judge Jones to come to positions of power to the detriment of the gospel.

Good Lord, man, buy a book!

Cotton Mather (1662-02-12 - 1728-02-13) (Supporter of Salem Witch Trials)
Johnathan Edwards (1703-10-05 - 1758-03-22) (Rejected by his congregation in 1749 for ignoring the Synods of 1657 and 1662.)

Founding Fathers (a partial list, including the oldest):
Benjamin Franklin (1706-01-17 - 1790-04-17)
George Washington (1732-02-22 - 1799-12-14)
John Hancock (1737-01-03 - 1793-10-08)
Thomas Paine (1737-01-29 - 1809-06-08)
Thomas Jefferson (1743-04-12 - 1826-07-04)
James Madison (1751-03-16 - 1836-06-28)
James Monroe (1758-04-28 - 1831-07-04)

How, exactly, did the Founding Fathers lead Cotton Mathers and Johnathan Edwards astray when all but Benjamin Franklin were born after Mathers's death?

The rest of your post is nothing but psychotic tinfoilhattery. How were the Puritans and Calvinists of New England any more the backbone of the country than the Protestants in the rest of the colonies. Indeed, the Puritans came to the New World because there was no state imposed religion, and the Protestants in the rest of the colonies did not recognize a central religious authority. These two facts allowed your so revered hellfire and brimstone preachers to prosper. By a vowel, greasy, this country was founded, and flourished, precisely because it was explicitly secular.

The rest of your post really just belongs in your medical chart at the psych hospital you should be inhabiting.


ETA: Yay! I gots a edit buttnz!
ETAA: The formatting on the original post was so garbled, I couldn't really tell who said what. Whoever actually said that stuff about backbone of the country and the 1st Amendment belongs in Camarillo.

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