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Quote (Nomad @ Feb. 21 2008,03:27)
Coincidentally, I was out with my Canon camera plus 70-200 lens.  I'd never shot an eclipse before and I was underprepared.  I'd read up on some ideas for how to shoot it, and really I should have done better than I did, but there was some last second screwups involving being locked out of the house in 8 degree F weather, so I ended up being kind of rushed once I got inside.

In particular, while I thought I zoomed all the way in I DIDN'T!  I'm kicking myself for this, I took my lens which was a bit on the small side for lunar photography, and didn't even use it to its full capability.
I also wasn't thinking about having to keep my shutter speeds up, rather than turn up the ISO I let the shutter speeds get up to 5-6 seconds at totality.  Which meant blurry images.  I know that things are moving around up there, I've dealt with this before, but I just don't have a handle on exactly when the Earth's rotation (or the Moon's motion) starts showing up in images.
So here's a crude montage of a few of the better images.  All my shots of totality are blurry, the one of near totality that I included is better even though the illuminated portion is massively blown out.

It was pretty neat, I don't think I've actually ever seen a lunar eclipse before.  Not that I can remember, anyway.

The time will vary with the magnification.

When you magnify the image, you also magnify the movement. If you are taking images of more than a couple seconds with a high power telephoto lens, you really need to piggyback on a guided telescope.

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