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[Graffiti moved to Bathroom Wall. -Admin]


No marty here. We're laughing at you, and not merely for your bad spelling of "martyrdom."

You're wrong. "Martyrdom" is the correct spelling.

These are trivial questions.


They build nanometer-scale motors out of proteins?

I never said anything about anyone building nano motors out of proteins. Just that the motors humans make look like the flagellum. Heck I have hundreds of posts out there on the internet you chose a odd one to nitpick.


What line, Nelson?

Like being a pedantic ahole, for instance...


So why is there nothing in the thread at TT to indicate your alleged errors?

There are multiple posts in that thread to indicate what I was talking about.

Did you want to try again Smokey/Myosin/Jam/whatever you want to call yourself these days?

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