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Quote (afdave @ Nov. 05 2007,11:24)
Enceladus is a small moon orbiting the planet Saturn.  Interestingly, it has a miniature "Hydroplate Theory" scenario going on right now.  Read more about it HERE. You can read about Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory of the Global Flood at  I have begun to discuss the Hydroplate Theory at IIDB.  Click HERE for some interesting links in the discussion.

Note the similarities to Walt Brown's Hydroplate Model ...

* Tidal Heating
* Pressurized Liquid Water below surface
* Water and ice being ejected into the orbit of a larger neighboring body

Notice that in Walt's model, the ejecta leaves earth and ALSO enters the orbit of a larger, neighboring body -- THE SUN

Now ... of course there are many differences as well and it will be fun to examine these and other issues surrounding this fascinating little moon.

Click HERE for an ongoing discussion about this at my favorite place to get commentary from non-creationist scientists ... IIDB.

Mmmmm.  I could really go for some enceladus right now.

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