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Quote (afdave @ Sep. 21 2007,09:56)
and nobody noticed it.
An asteroid hitting the earth way off in the vicinity of the Yucatan (where nobody probably lived yet ... this asteroid probably hit pre-Babel) was probably not a newsworthy event to a people who had just survived a cataclysm the nature and scale of the Global Flood.  Big event, yes.  But not even close in comparison to the Flood event itself.

For more discussion of the origin of asteroids and meteors, read Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory ...

I recently got Dr. Brown to agree to recorded phone interviews about his theory.  I'm looking for geologists and engineers to discuss his theory with him.  I've got 4 or 5 takers so far, but only one of them is an engineer or geologist.  Let me know if anyone here is interested.

With all the crazy shit going on in the world, I'm sure nobody would even really notice if this happened:  
The meteorite's estimated size was about 10 km (6 mi) in diameter, releasing an estimated 500 zettajoules (5.01023 joules) of energy, approximately 100 teratons of TNT (1014 tons),[1] on impact. By contrast, the most powerful man-made explosive device ever detonated, the Tsar Bomba or Emperor Bomb, had a yield of only 50 megatons, which would make this impact 2,000,000 times more powerful.

The impact would have caused some of the largest megatsunamis in Earth's history. These would have spread in all directions, hitting the Caribbean island of Cuba especially hard. A cloud of dust, ash and steam would spread itself from the crater. The pieces of the meteorite would have rained all over Earth, igniting global wildfires. The shock waves would have continued hundreds of kilometers into the planet, causing global earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The emission of dust and particles would have covered the entire surface of the earth for several years, possibly a decade, creating a harsh environment

I mean, not to the point that anyone would write it down or anything.

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