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Quote (GCT @ Aug. 14 2007,16:42)
Quote (heddle @ Aug. 13 2007,21:37)

I've already had this "atheists hate god" debate with Heddle.  See, he will say that atheists deny god and hate him.  When you point out that you can't hate something that you don't believe in

You remind me a bit of Kim Jung Il. Your descriptions of our "debates" on my site are always, when retold by you on this site, glorious victories for you. Nevermind. I'll just point out that the contention is "athiests don't believe in God, and they hate him," so carrying the argument nowhere beyond "we don't believe in God, therefore we can't hate him" is hardly worth the effort.

BTW, I didn't say C. S. Lewis was an atheist (though I believe, rather obviously, he was prior to converting) rather the Wiki article Kristine linked to said he was, and that he was angry with God.

I invite anyone to go back and read it for themselves.

If you can't handle the truth, that you did change your position and got called out on it, then that's simply too bad.

Heddle is a hypocrite.  Surprise.

"You can establish any “rule” you like if you start with the rule and then interpret the evidence accordingly." - George Gaylord Simpson (1902-1984)

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