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Patrick Caldon

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Quote (heddle @ Aug. 14 2007,09:31)
Reciprocating Bill,

No, you are effectively insisting that hate has one meaning: a seething, jaw-clenched, emotional rage. But even in common usage we can hate things that we are not overly emotional about. When people find out one of my interests, they often tell me that they hate NASCAR. Do they think about it much, know much about it, or are deeply emotional about it? Probably no, no, and no. Many such examples exist. I love the Rolling Stones. I hate the Beatles. I am emotional about neither. So the common usage does not demand strong emotions—although it obviously doesn’t preclude it. As I wrote before, the synonym antipathy is probably the closest feeling.

hang on heddle,

In the Reformed dogma, every act committed by someone not given grace is *Totally Depraved*.  

The word *totally* is not there by happenstance.  It's a key point in the whole business.

Every action performed by someone without the Grace of God suffers the patina of sin, in that it does not have an intention that comes from God.

To sin is to rebel against God, it is to hate God.  

Therefore every action by a non-believer carries this stain of hatred of God.

To wit:
"If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple."  Luke somewhere.

"Hate" here does not mean antipathy, it means "comparative rejection".  Presumably God "hates" us when we sin in exactly the same way, c.f. Rom 9:13 where God "hates Esau", and hence the eternal hellfire and whathaveyou.  I'd suggest that atheists "hate" God in precisely the same way.

But to repeat, this does not mean antipathy!  It means rejection.  And definitionally, atheists reject God.  In Reformed-ese, sin = hate = rejection of God.

There's no way around it unless you want to dabble in whatever the monk was whose name started with P of whom Augustine was not fond.

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