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Shirley Knott

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(Permalink) Posted: June 30 2007,07:41   

Hi Mung Bean,
Well, of course he will.  All I really intend is to make sure it is so obvious that any fool can see that he lies and evades.  (As if it weren't already clear beyond the most transparent thing known to science...)
I'm making sure the question doesn't die.  His concrete prediction is going to haunt him for quite some time.
He claimed it, very specifically, and he's going to be called on to support the claim or abandon the flood notion as being supported by evidence until one or the other happens.  Or until he gets his sorry ass off the net.

Shirley Knott
PS  Egypt isn't enough, btw, he's going to have to show me *the same layer* in the Yucatan peninsula and in China for his original claim to stand.  World wide he said, and world wide he'd better be able to support  :p  Just a hint for you dave, we know you haunt this board...

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