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Julie Stahlhut

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Stephen wrote:

Before I started primary school my mother had taught me to read. The result? I ended up being sent to the back of the class with a book, while the other kids were being taught to read.

This happened to me too (in the U.S.), minus the book.  I was briefly put into the slow readers group in first grade (age 6), despite already reading at at least fourth grade level.  Since I'd had little contact with children my age when I started school, I was somewhat quiet around other kids at that age, and I think my teacher considered me slow.  (I was already helping cousins three or four years older with their reading and vocabulary!)  It took several months for my teacher to realize that I could read and to remedy the situation.

We didn't have the equivalent of the eleven plus in the U.S., but there was still a considerable amount of "tracking" here in the 1960s and 1970s.  By that time, I was benefiting from being placed in an advanced track, but years later, I recall a very intelligent friend saying, "I lost the chance to take high school calculus in the seventh grade."

(For those outside the U.S.; Calculus, at least at the time, was usually taken by academic-track high school seniors, at roughly age 17.  My friend had been tracked into a slightly slower math class at 12, and there was no way at all to catch up.  None.)

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