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(Permalink) Posted: June 28 2006,05:32   

Lenny is not going to appear on any threads which I control, at all. This is the only appropriate and impartial way to do it. If I let him through on comments with which I agree, then he's just going to shriek louder that I'm oppressing him if I pick and choose which of his comments I allow through.

Which sounds very much as if you are negating what he has to say because you disagree with him--outright censorship of opposing opinions--not because of him "dragging the thread right down into the sewer".  Which is it?  Is this about behavior or viewpoint?

I respect your viewpoints and read your blog every day, but I think it's sad that you've responded to Lenny's accusations of "dick-waving" with this, well, dick-waving.  Lenny can be annoying but I think the cure is much worse than the disease when you start banning people who are so passionately on the right side of most arguments.

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