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Quote (Ftk @ May 19 2011,18:27)
Quote (Wolfhound @ May 19 2011,17:18)
Quote (Ftk @ May 19 2011,18:01)
lol..yeah, poor little fucker really has it bad.  Two parents who love him more than life itself.  Given him ever opportunity to learn everything he can...even evolution.  Happy, content....ALIVE.  Yeah, sucks being him.  

Oh, and yeah, he did stand a chance...we let him live vs the alternative.

And thoroughly entrenched in the mythology that you drilled into his little skull from birth.  Bad genes plus childhood indoctrination equals poor little benighted, brainwashed little fucker.

And why in the world would anybody have though you wouldn't have let him live?  Your defensive response is somewhat puzzling to me.  Had you actually considered terminating the pregnancy and still feel guilty about it?

Don't play naive.  You know exactly what I'm saying.  I don't think you have room to say a damn thing about how I'm raising my child considering.  

Adios folks.....

Oh!  So you're dropping the false Miss Mary Sunshine bit and being the nasty, mean-spirited little piece of shit that you really are.  How delightful!

See, honeybun, if I felt in the least bit guilty or sad or remorseful about my abortion, your words would be very hurtful, hateful, and give me no small amount of mental anguish, I'm sure.  Which was your intention.  But, happily, because I'd do it all over again without a moment's hesitation, your wonderfully Christian poisoned arrow flew straight past the mark and sailed off into oblivion.

BTW, remember this, from earlier this year?

I have many dear friends who are pro-choice and have had abortions. I don't consider any of them monsters.

Do your "dear friends" know how you really feel about them?  What you'd really like to say to them?   :D

But, anywho, thank you for once again demonstrating why holier than thou Godbots are the scum of the earth and that whenever they spout that "it's not for me to judge" crap, they're speaking with a serpent's tongue.

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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