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Occam's Toothbrush

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Quote (k.e.. @ May 13 2011,10:44)
Quote (Occam's Toothbrush @ May 13 2011,17:40)
Quote (OgreMkV @ May 13 2011,00:44)
Thanks guys.  She did good work.  (

Anyway, in other news... a challenge for you (no fair for Wes to play)

There are two telephone poles. Each one is 100-feet tall. They are parallel and some distance apart.

Attach a 150-foot rope to the top of each of the poles. This rope will droop down somewhat. That drooping rope is called a catenary, from the Latin word for chain.

What is the distance between the two poles, so that the lowest point of the catenary is 25-feet above the ground?

first correct answer gets a cookie...

If the rope is 150' long and each end is attached at both ends to points 100' off the ground, the only way for the middle of the rope to hang to a point 25' feet of the ground is if both ends are hanging from the same point.

So the answer is zero.

Allowing for teh radius of the rope at the lowest point when hung from 2  x 100 ft poles it will never approach 25ft but zero is close enough

Since the radius of the rope was not given I assumed it was zero.  

I also assumed a spherical cow, but ended up not needing it.

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