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Quote (prong_hunter @ Dec. 22 2010,17:02)

quote=Robin,Dec. 22 2010,14:42] Yep. Note to self - DNFTT.

Yes, we should not feed the trolls.

But can we not mock and expose them?

Yes, we can, I say. We get to have our jollies too!

More power to you Robin, mrg, Stanton, harold, phantomreader42, MadPanda, Mike Elzinga, didymos, OgreMkV, Dave Luckett, Dave Lovell, Phhhht, and a host of others doing the yeoman's work of standing up for the truth. More power to you!

Oh indeed...mock away! I'm all for it, and engage in such entertainment when I can. Not to the expert level of some here, but no matter - it's fun regardless. Much of the others' yeoman work is far better than mine.

I see a distinct difference between mocking tards and tardation and feeding trolls who's yammering derails a discussion on a thread topic though. The latter is what I got into with Kris and it really wasn't very productive.

ETA - fixed quote box.

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