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In case the resident bonehead, "Kris", hasn't the neurological capacity to find the BW at PT, I'm cross posting this here. Perhaps the mindless yappy dog should be given his own little poop pen, though he'll just whine about it being a place to ban him to. Idiot...


Kris said:

You talk big but when things don't go your way you pussy out and it's either ban time, delete time, or off to the BW. What are you and so many others here really afraid of? Are you afraid that comments here, rather than on the BW, are more likely to be seen by visitors to this site and that you might look stupid to those visitors if you allow and leave all challenging or questioning comments here?

I've been "given" another thread? Wow, how magnanimous of you.

Man, you're funny! Since when should the world revolve around you?  Why should anyone bother giving you a forum to spout your nonsense anyway?

As for your accusations, I got news for you - you're just plain wrong. Few, if any, posts are outright deleted [on PT], unlike the "fair-minded and science-oriented" (ha!) site UD. Further, there's nothing wrong with posting here on the BW or at AtBC. We all read these areas - so do lurkers and passer-bys, so your gripe is a strawman. Basically you're like a 3 y.o. throwing a tantrum because his parents won't let him play with the steering wheel on the Interstate. Tough! Grow up! You're posts have zero to do with the topics of the threads, so why should you being given some leeway to disrupt those threads?

Get a clue, Kris - you're an idiot.

ETA: helps to change the codes...

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The only reason you reject Thor is because, like a cushion, you bear the imprint of the biggest arse that sat on you. Louis

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