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[quote=Kattarina98,Oct. 25 2010,17:14][/quote]
Quote (Robin @ Oct. 25 2010,09:34)
Dang! Missed this last week. Thanks Kattarina! Yes, some of me ancestors had a bit of time. Reading about Mary Queen of Scots and all those folk makes Richard III and Hamlet seem like happy tales.

I'm currently watching the series "A History of Scotland" by Neil Oliver. It's bloodcurdling. And I thought the Scottish were nice and peaceful, disturbed only by the nasty English. How wrong I was!

Oh we're (well...I don't know I can claim any actual citizenship at this point) a terrible lot. As bad tempered as the Irish, but we don't need religion as an excuse to kill one another. All that haggis just puts us in a frightful mood. Plus, we don't make a beer worth a damn to wash it down - we just get pissed on whiskey. Granted it's good whiskey, but then we're 5 times as drunk as any Irishman which means we can only fight dirty and sober (thus miserable) or dirty and falling down a lot.

Oh and steal...we're good at stealing stuff. Like our brothers' and fathers' wives, their homes, land, thrones, etc.

Lovely place to go these days and just a great people, but boy am I glad I wasn't there back before 1900 or so.

Edit - finished a thought.

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