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On an unrelated subject, having noted your pics over the last year or so, Kattarina, and now followed the changes to your quote line for the last week or so, I've decided you are the luckiest 6th millionth person* on the planet. I want to go there now!**

* a rough guestimate of the number of participants in Octoberfest in Munich, which on the one hand looks somewhat terrifying in scale (from some of the pics of the tents I've come across), but makes up for this in the appropriately scaled steins of beer.

** Octoberfest

On a related note, I'd like a Hacker-Pshorr now, please...

...and a wurst too...

...Oohh...and a pretzel or two...

...and mustard! Can't have the aforementioned without good German mustard...

Edited: corrected name spelling...sorry 'bout that.

we IDists rule in design for the flagellum and cilium largely because they do look designed.  Bilbo

The only reason you reject Thor is because, like a cushion, you bear the imprint of the biggest arse that sat on you. Louis

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