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Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ July 18 2010,14:06)

Not really a good argument at all. Please see my previous posts, I've adressed this already.

Not convincingly. You've claimed it isn't religious, by citing some religious authorities who claim it isn't required. There is abundant evidence that others do believe it is required, or at least highly encouraged, and since we're talking religion here, there's no objective way to choose between them.

Unless you believe that no najib wearer thinks it's encouraged by their religion, the "it's not religious" argument really doesn't hold water.

You have brought up the issue concealing identity, but that should be completely separate from whether wearing particular clothing is a form of expression.

Well, I will go to hell if I don't rape and kill 4 babies a day. Should we nullifiy the laws about rape, murder and paedophilia just so I can live by my beliefs?*

The obvious different being that your beliefs involve directly harming other peoples, while someone wearing particular clothes generally does not.

Forcing someone to wear particular clothing is a different story.

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