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Quote (Stephen Elliott @ July 18 2010,11:34)
It is hardly a form of expression though, is it? It is the very opposite. The whole thing is designed to make somebody anonymous.

But that in it self is still an expression of their adherence to a particular belief system, just as much as a Sikhs turban or a Christian cross.

You may believe it is simply a result of indoctrination into an oppressive system (I agree) but that doesn't mean the adherents don't see it as an important part of who they are.

However oppressive and wrong the system is (very and very, TYVM), it's a mistake to assume that many of it's adherents don't genuinely believe it's an important part of who they are or, that they will go to hell if they don't follow it's rules. Making them choose between breaking the law and breaking these rules is not necessarily an effective way to extract them from this system. Maybe in the long run it will help the next generation get out.

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