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Quote (Schroedinger's Dog @ July 17 2010,15:38)

I am sure Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt will be very happy to know that...

Repressive measures definitely fed extremism in Egypt and other north African countries. Of course, compared to arbitrary arrest and torture, dress code must be a minor factor.

I don't claim to know how big the negative effect will be but, it should be clear it exists. It's perfect propaganda for the extremists who claim the west is out to destroy Islam. People who are devout but not currently opposed to the state will believe they are being discriminated against. Or consider a Muslim girl who
a) Goes to a normal school in traditional dress. She is exposed to secular eduction, meets people of various religious views, and learns about her rights in that country.
b) Is sent to a private Islamic school (or is sent back to the home country and gets no education at all) because of the restrictions.

Which is more likely to escape the repressive traditions ? Of course you can come up with an opposite case, but my point is these negatives exist.

Turkey should be an informative example, but the actual outcome is so muddy I have no idea what it tells us :)

How are we to know? How is the bank-cashier to know? How is the social-security agent to know?

Requiring people to identify themselves to conduct business or receive government benefits is very different from requiring they must be identifiable whenever they are in public.

How about Project Chanology and their V masks ?
And also, you have to realise the kind of message the burqa cross dressing sends to "infidels" good Christians:  we are not worthy of putting our eyes upon a salafist woman this sinful perverted lifestyle must be accepted as normal. I find it quite offensive.

Many things are offensive to many people. That is not (IMO) a good reason to outlaw them.

Just FYI, as close as february 2010, there's been at least 2 roberies by men dressed in niqab in France alone.

and how many were committed with ski masks, dark glasses, wigs, fake beards, clown makeup ... ?

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